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Potential Investor,

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Willie Spicer Jr, the CEO and Veteran Business Owner of JDIA Enterprise, Inc. of Providence Forge, Virginia. JDIA is a Re-start-up with a new name, of a Trucking and Transportation Company from 2005 and due to COVID-19 the United States Transportation Industry is in high demand of Trucking Companies.

COVID-19 has exposed the under belly of the United State, by showing the American people the importance of strong leadership and the value of being an industrial nation. In order, for the United States of America to get back on its feet it will need new and strong Leadership and the Trucking Industry to help keep it moving.

Potential Investor, this is a great window of opportunity to invest with JDIA Enterprise, Inc. We are presently registered with (The System for Award Management (SAM) is the Official U.S. Government site that Awards Government Transportation Contracts to Veteran Small Business) that’s JDIA.

This is exciting times, a lot of new opportunities. For example, JDIA has partner-up with larger Transportation Companies that has been established in business over 20+ years and are also registered with SAM, under this program these companies will mentor and shadow us. These grandfathering allies will increase JDIA productivity to transport more goods and in return increase our revenue.

WOW!! Talking about a win, win, situation. This is a GREAT opportunity, we are offering JDIA Stock Share options along with other Investment Programs. Please feel free to contact JDIA for more details. 


Willie Spicer Jr

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